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Azure dental offers our patients a new, efficient approach to dental care, with laser dentistry. This innovative technology provides an effective and comfortable treatment for various oral health concerns. If you and your family reside in the Colleyville area, call into our offices on (817) 210-4074 for more information. We have a range of laser dentistry services to improve your oral health and enhance the beauty of your smile.


If the mere thought of taking a trip to the dentist leaves you feeling a touch anxious, you’re one of the dozens of people in the Colleyville area facing this fear. However, being afraid of visiting the dentist’s office is no excuse for procrastinating on your dental health. Laser dentistry takes the anxiety out of visiting the dentist. You’ll barely notice the light touch of the laser, and there’s no scraping around in your mouth using sharp metal objects. It’s a far more comfortable experience and might change your feelings around visiting the dentist in the future.


The innovation in laser dentistry opened a new way of approaching many traditional oral health problems facing patients and dentists. One of the most exciting advances is in the treatment of gum disease. Most adults suffer from some form of gum disease during their life. You’ll notice gum disease starts as red blotches on your gums, with pain, swelling, and occasional bleeding. If left untreated and unmanaged, gum disease can lead to a variety of adverse dental health problems.

Gum recession is the most obvious sign of gum disease in most adult patients at Azure Dental. The recession of your gums causes the exposure of the roots of your teeth to bacteria. As a result of the receding gumline, many patients end up developing rapid erosion in tooth enamel and tooth loss. Traditional methods to prevent this from happening, involves dentists lifting back the gums and scraping the teeth clean with tools. Many people complain about the discomfort involved with these procedures, as the tools can cause pain when scraping sensitive teeth.

The introduction of laser dentistry revolutionized the cleaning process for dentists, minimizing any discomfort on the patient. The procedure involves using lasers to break down the tartar and hardened plaque on the teeth, removing the irritants that are the cause of gum disease.

The gums recover quickly, and the patient experiences less irritation when compared to traditional methods. This non-invasive laser technique is only available from select dentists in the Colleyville area, such as Azure Dental.


Lip/ Tongue tie is a condition caused by a short and thick frenulum, a small fold of tissue that connects one part of your mouth to another, which restricts mouth movement and can make feeding difficult for infants. The condition is common in babies and is present at birth. The treatment for this type of condition is called frenectomy which imporves the oral fucntion and health of the baby. Laser frenectomy is a simple and quick procedure with little discomfort. The laser stimulates bio-regeneration and healing hence making the healing process faster. At Azure Dental, we ensure that you and your child are confortable during the entire treatment and provide all the information you will need to know regarding the healing process. Contact us today or schedule an appointment for more information.


At Azure Dental, we do everything we can to provide you with an outstanding and pleasant dental experience. We understand your sensitivity toward having a dentist look around inside your mouth. We value our commitment to science, and we continually look for new ways that we can bring innovative technology into our practice to benefit our patient experience.

At Azure Dental, we eliminate pressure, vibration, heat, and noise, providing you with a relaxing and comfortable laser dentistry experience.

For the best laser dentistry services in Colleyville, call the Azure Dental offices on (817) 210-4074. Our friendly consultants will help you book an appointment and provide you with any additional information you might need.


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