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Through the years, the practice of dentistry has made great strides in provided a comfortable, relaxed atmostphere for patients. At Azure Dental, you will find the best of those improvements implemented for your comfort. Here you will find the most cutting-edge dental technology along with a welcoming and friendly staff.
Everyone enjoys having fresh breath and a sparkling smile, but dental health is so much more than that. Overall health and well-being begins with a healthy mouth. We help our patients understand the correlation between the two. We'll help you maintain a beautiful smile and show you how to keep your breath fresh, but more importantly, we also help you keep the corner stone to overall well-being – your mouth – healthy.

What do Powerprox 6-month braces look like?

Six-Month Braces involves using clear almost see-through brackets and thin, tooth-colored wires that blend with your teeth. Most people won’t even notice that you’re wearing braces! Braces can also be placed on the backs of your teeth, where no one can see them!

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Six-Month Braces
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