Tooth Extractions in Colleyville TX

Tooth Extractions Colleyville TX | Azure DentalIt is always best to save a natural tooth when possible. However, there are circumstances where a tooth cannot be saved with general dentistry and must be extracted.

The thought of having a tooth removed can cause anxiety, but at Azure Dental, we provide a clean, safe environment where you will feel relaxed and comfortable during the procedure.

Pulling a tooth is always a last resort effort. Missing teeth can cause a variety of problems for the surrounding teeth and the site of extraction. Fortunately, if a tooth does need to be extracted, there are ways to help mitigate the ensuing problems.

Dr. Shah is mindful of extractions, whether they are more complex or routine. She carefully removes the tooth, being careful to minimize trauma to the surrounding tissue. This helps in the healing process.

Your comfort is always kept in mind during dental procedures. We want you to be calm and relaxed while your tooth is removed.

Causes for Tooth Removal

There are several reasons why a tooth may be removed: 

  • The most obvious reason is if a tooth is decayed beyond repair. When a decayed tooth is untreated for long enough, it cannot be saved.
  • If root canal therapy is not an option, then the tooth must be extracted.
  • Severe periodontitis can also lead to extraction. If enough bone is missing around a tooth, it will become loose and will eventually fall out.
  • Sometimes teeth will grow in sideways causing problems. This is often the case with wisdom teeth.
  • When a tooth is impacted, it presses on neighboring teeth. This may lead to damage of adjacent teeth and can also irritate the nerves leading to the teeth. Extraction is usually recommended.

Patients are helped to relax and feel comfortable before the procedure begins. If your tooth needs extraction, you will be under the care of the compassionate and well-trained staff at Azure Dental. 

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