Dental Bridges in Colleyville, TX

Are you struggling with the problems caused by missing teeth?

In addition to ruining your smile’s appearance, missing teeth can also cause a variety of health problems.

The gaping holes left by missing teeth certainly detract from your appearance; however, if the issue is not addressed in a timely manner with cosmetic dentistry, neighboring teeth will begin to shift into the space. This will cause your appearance to deteriorate even more, and your health can be affected.

Missing teeth make it more difficult for your food to be chewed properly, affecting your digestion. Your speech can be altered by missing teeth, as well.

Dental Bridges Colleyville TX | Azure DentalHow Does a Dental Bridge Help?

Dental bridges help eliminate many of the problems caused by missing teeth. They fill in the blank space with an attractive, custom-made, natural-looking artificial tooth while keeping neighboring teeth from shifting out of place.

A dental bridge can restore a smile that once caused you embarrassment. With a natural looking smile, your self-esteem and confidence return. You will not be the one to shy away from the camera because of an unappealing smile! You will also be able to eat your favorite foods again without discomfort.

Why Choose a Dental Bridge?

When you have a tooth or teeth missing between teeth, over time, the neighboring teeth begin to shift and move into that space. As those teeth move, a domino effect may come into play, creating little gaps that trap food. These "food traps" make your teeth more susceptible to decay and gum disease.

A dental bridge closes the gap left by missing teeth. It keeps the abutment teeth – the ones on either side of the void – straight and protects them from shifting out of place. It also keeps opposing teeth, the ones on top or bottom of the space, from moving downward or upward, which can make those teeth more vulnerable to decay.

Made of a metal base with porcelain fused on top, bridges look like natural teeth. They are permanent devices that will keep your smile looking great for years to come.

Bridges are often at least partially covered by dental insurance plans (refer to your own plan for its individual details), which makes them a popular choice for many patients.

While some people decide on a dental bridge instead of a dental implant to replace a tooth, if you are missing multiple teeth, you may benefit from an implant-retained bridge, which eliminates the need to alter otherwise healthy neighboring teeth.  

Dr. Shah can assess your dental health and determine whether an implant-retained bridge is a good option for you.

Would You Like to Learn More?

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