Welcome to Azure Dental: Your Colleyville Dentist
Through the years, the practice of dentistry has made great strides in provided a comfortable, relaxed atmostphere for patients. At Azure Dental, you will find the best of those improvements implemented for your comfort. Here you will find the most cutting-edge dental technology along with a welcoming and friendly staff.
Everyone enjoys having fresh breath and a sparkling smile, but dental health is so much more than that. Overall health and well-being begins with a healthy mouth. We help our patients understand the correlation between the two. We'll help you maintain a beautiful smile and show you how to keep your breath fresh, but more importantly, we also help you keep the corner stone to overall well-being – your mouth – healthy.

Patient Testimonials

Kris Boggus

Dr Shah is compassionate and thorough dentist who listens to her patient's needs and gives an honest approach about different options.

Ashley Henry

Dr. Shah is a wonderful dentist! Very gentle and takes the time to go over and assess any and all of your dental needs. Definitely deserves 5 stars!

Amit Singh

We used to go to Dr Aditi in Euless and we are so excited that she is now in Colleyville, going to cut down our drive time to get dental work done drastically! She is very knowledgeable and takes the time to explain everything. Friendly, professional and calm personality, highly recommended!

Udit Chaudhry

I have visited Dr. Shah several times and have always been very pleased with her work. She's a great dentist who explained the procedures and why they were needed very well and was eager to follow up when required. I'm very happy to recommend her to everyone!

J. Coble

I wear Full Dentures. After four years of wearing dentures, that Never fit and were very uncomfortable to wear. I finally broke down, and looked for a dentist, that would take the time and Expertise to build me a set of dentures, that would fit and actually stay in my mouth without using denture paste. I found that Expertise when I made an appointment with Ms ADITI SHAH. in November of 2015. Ms SHAH, is nothing less than Professional. Never did I have to wait more than Five Minutes to get in to see her, she was very friendly and knew exactly what had to be done. I was never in the dental chair more than a few minutes and I was on my way. When my actual dentures came in, I placed them in my mouth and they sealed almost immediately. Ms SHAH, Never touched my dentures with a Dremel Tool, They were that perfect. I placed the dentures in my mouth, said THANK YOU, THANK YOU and left. I have not had to go back for any problem's. They fit that good.. I consider Ms ADITI SHAH, Nothing less than one of the BEST.. A True Professional in her field of work.

Barry Sankey

I had been to two other dentist and was near just not going at all to get the much needed work done. There are dentist who can get the work done, but the trust I have in Aditi Shah speaks volumes with me. The concern and gentle care has put me at ease to really take the time to fix small problem before they get worst. Questions are always answered with a plan set from the first visit. If there is a problem she will take the time to fit you in and get you back to enjoying your day. I have been able to return to work with no after effects and Aditi Shah can get it done without pain or worries. I would be in bad shape by now if not for the professional dental care I receive from Dr. Aditi Shah.

Shobhit Bhutani

Worked with Dr. Shah as my doctor for several issues with my teeth- including 1 crown that needed to be replaced, cleaning and 2 cavities that needed to be filled. I was travelling on business and since I dont live in the same city, I asked her to do everything very quickly in 2 sittings. The work quality was fantastic, I have never had to get any of those touched again!!!Thank you Dr. Shah!
The administrative staff is very professional and Dr. Shah and her staff is very punctual, helpful. Super experience!


Dr. Aditi Shah,
If you looking for a Dentist who has an excellent bed side manner with her patients?

Dr. Shah is the dentist you want to use; she is able to remain calm and not become annoyed with your questions.

She has ability to explain how, what and why her procedure will be the best for you and your family. Her demeanor - EXCELLENT!

I would recommend Dr. Shah for you Dental needs.

Naran Patel

Dr. Aditi Shah is a great dentist.I left her office after spending 1 1/2 hours in the chair.it was a root canal and crown impression. After the visit and numbness wore off, I had a zero pain. All staff was so nice and made me really free, calm and comfortable. I had a less than a five minute wait and I am very pleased. I would highly recommend this office to anyone. Thanks Dr. Aditi Shah.

Dee M.

We found Dr. Shah to be knowledgeable and caring. She gave us options and educated us on each one so that we could choose what was best for us. Would recommend her for exceptional professional care.

Arush Kukreja

Dr. Shah is the reason I now enjoy going to the dentist which is certainly a first for me. She is extremely professional, an excellent listener and delivers great results that are also cost effective. She also calls me to make sure I'm feeling fine.

Nina Jurkovich Walker

I have known Dr. Shah and her family for eight years -- she is very kind and considerate and always strives to do what is best for her patients. Congratulations to her on opening her very own practice. Wishing her much success.

Emily Kinney Stephenson

I had the pleasure of being the very first patient in Dr. Shah's chair on Azure Dental's opening day in Colleyville! The office is beautiful and comfortable, and the staff is warm and welcoming. Adults and children alike will love Dr. Shah! I highly recommend!

Libby Harbin

Everyone was friendly and professional! They explained everything and did a thorough cleaning. I have my next appt already scheduled!

Sachin Malik

Azure Dental uses only the latest technology. I was able to look at my teeth on camera as Dr. Shah and I were discussing the condition of my teeth. Everyone is super friendly and professional. I was able to watch tv on the ceiling while relaxing in their massaging dental chair while having my teeth cleaned! I highly recommend their services.