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Through the years, the practice of dentistry has made great strides in provided a comfortable, relaxed atmostphere for patients. At Azure Dental, you will find the best of those improvements implemented for your comfort. Here you will find the most cutting-edge dental technology along with a welcoming and friendly staff.
Everyone enjoys having fresh breath and a sparkling smile, but dental health is so much more than that. Overall health and well-being begins with a healthy mouth. We help our patients understand the correlation between the two. We'll help you maintain a beautiful smile and show you how to keep your breath fresh, but more importantly, we also help you keep the corner stone to overall well-being – your mouth – healthy.

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Convenient Scheduling!

Azure Dental offers convenience in scheduling your dental appointments.

We know that people today have hectic lives and time is a precious commodity. With that in mind, we make scheduling your appointment easy and hassle free.

You will appreciate knowing that you can expect to be seen without having to endure a long stay in the waiting room. Many dental offices will double book patients, causing delays in seeing patients on time. That is not a practice at Azure Dental. We schedule our patients with the intention of addressing their dental needs at the appointed time.

Extended Hours & Saturday Appointments

Not everyone has the flexibility to schedule health appointments during regular business hours. Though that is the preferred time for seeing patients, we also do our best to accommodate those who need different hours. To meet those occasions, we have extended hours one day a week. If you need dental care and cannot make appointments during customary office time, talk to our receptionist about scheduling an appointment during the later hours of our extended day.

There are times when making appointments during weekdays will not work out, even with extended hours, but you still need dental care. Azure Dental provides special Saturday scheduling once or twice a month. Saturday appointments work well for people who have many obligations during the week. They also work well for families who have very limited time between work and activities for the kids. If you are in need of a Saturday appointment, be sure to let us know when you call to schedule your dental visit.

We hope to eliminate as many barriers as possible so individuals and families can access excellent dental care. Scheduling appointments does not have to be one of the challenges you face in attending to your oral health. Contact our office today, and we will get your appointment scheduled at a time that fits into your busy lifestyle.