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Through the years, the practice of dentistry has made great strides in provided a comfortable, relaxed atmostphere for patients. At Azure Dental, you will find the best of those improvements implemented for your comfort. Here you will find the most cutting-edge dental technology along with a welcoming and friendly staff.
Everyone enjoys having fresh breath and a sparkling smile, but dental health is so much more than that. Overall health and well-being begins with a healthy mouth. We help our patients understand the correlation between the two. We'll help you maintain a beautiful smile and show you how to keep your breath fresh, but more importantly, we also help you keep the corner stone to overall well-being – your mouth – healthy.

Our Team

Azure Dental

The team of highly trained dental professionals at Azure Dental is led by Dr. Aditi Shah, a multi-lingual dentist.

Colleyville residents have great things to say about Dr. Shah and her staff. Here at Azure Dental, we look at our patients holistically with the understanding that overall health and well-being actually starts with a healthy mouth. We provide comprehensive dental services for the entire family in a safe, clean environment where your comfort and care are top priorities. All ages are welcome at Azure Dental. Browse our site to learn more about us!

Relax and Enjoy Your Visit!

A trip to the dentist can cause anxiety in some people. At Azure Dental, we provide amenities in a comfortable and relaxed environment designed to make your visit pleasant. You will notice the difference the moment you cross the threshold. The team at Azure Dental is dedicated to helping each person feel comfortable and at home during the course of their visit. With new technologies and dental instruments designed with patient comfort in mind, your trip to Azure Dental is sure to be one of the most pleasant dental visits you will encounter. 

Our paperless office is updated with all the modern amenities to provide you with a more serene dental experience. You will find the soothing ambiance at Azure Dental conducive to relaxation while you receive your dental treatment. In addition to offering you a wonderful environment and high quality dental care, we also provide patient education to help you understand the connection between your oral health and overall well-being. Our staff stays current on dental trends so that we can always provide each and every patient with the absolute best in modern dentistry.

Your family’s oral health is our top priority because a healthy body begins with a healthy mouth. Find out what makes Azure Dental a truly unique and satisfying dental experience. Dr. Aditi Shah and staff are here to help you achieve and maintain your best oral health.

Meet Our Team

Dr. Aditi Shah

Dr. Aditi Shah

Dr. Aditi Shah believes that your oral health is critical to helping you maintain your overall health and seeks to meet all your oral health needs, be they cosmetic, surgical, or general. She believes in preventive care and conservative treatment options to help you achieve your optimal health and meet your needs. She also aims to provide a great dental experience for her patients by providing a comfortable, entertaining environment and a gentle approach and manner.

Dr. Shah attended the University of Western Ontario in Canada and obtained her dental degree in 2005. She pursued further training and completed her residency at the University of Florida in Jacksonville in 2006. Dr. Shah prides herself on providing personalized, high quality care to all her patients. As such, she is always improving her skills by learning about the newest procedures and new technologies as well as advancing her skillset to offer the best care available to her patients.

Dr. Shah has been providing care to patients in the Dallas-Fort Worth metroplex since 2007. She lives here with her husband and two young children. She enjoys travelling, reading, and movies. Dr. Shah also enjoys being active in the community and likes to volunteer her time and services to local events and charities.