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Through the years, the practice of dentistry has made great strides in provided a comfortable, relaxed atmostphere for patients. At Azure Dental, you will find the best of those improvements implemented for your comfort. Here you will find the most cutting-edge dental technology along with a welcoming and friendly staff.
Everyone enjoys having fresh breath and a sparkling smile, but dental health is so much more than that. Overall health and well-being begins with a healthy mouth. We help our patients understand the correlation between the two. We'll help you maintain a beautiful smile and show you how to keep your breath fresh, but more importantly, we also help you keep the corner stone to overall well-being – your mouth – healthy.

Services & Procedures

dentist colleyville txNo matter what treatment you and your family need to stay healthy, chances are you can find it here at Azure Dental!

Dr. Aditi Shah is a talented and compassionate dentist who is committed to providing patients in Colleyville, TX and the surrounding areas with full-service, advanced dentistry in a family-friendly, welcoming, and relaxing environment.

Our range of services allows you to feel confident that you can get the treatment you need from the dentist you trust!

Preventive Care

Great dentistry begins with great preventive care. In fact, preventive care is the foundation of our practice and every treatment plan! After all, it’s much easier to prevent a fire than to put it out once it’s been set!

We offer preventive cleanings and checkups that include digital x-rays and imaging as well as screenings for gum disease and conditions like oral cancer.

At Azure Dental, we recognize that your oral health affects and is affected by your overall health, and we are dedicated to helping you stay healthy for a lifetime.

Restorative Treatments

While preventive dentistry can significantly reduce the number of dental problems you will experience during your lifetime, it’s virtually impossible to avoid dental issues entirely. Chances are good that at some point in your life you will experience a cavity or trauma to your tooth.

When that happens, you want to know that your tooth can be restored comfortably and beautifully. We offer everything from composite fillings to crowns to bridges to dental implants to restore and replace damaged teeth. Our restorations are designed to look natural, blend in beautifully, and – with good care and regular checkups – last a long time.

Cosmetic Care

Your smile provides everyone you meet with their first clues about who you are. It’s a key part of your personality and you want (and deserve) for it to look its best!

We can repair damage and restore the luster of youth with cosmetic treatments such as professional whitening, clear aligner orthodontics, and porcelain veneers.

If you’d like to discuss ways to improve the appearance of your smile, please call our office to request a cosmetic consultation with Dr. Shah to find out which options are right for you.

The Extras That Make a Difference

In addition to our general dentistry offerings, we also provide extra services that make it easy to choose us as your family’s dental home.

We offer sedation dentistry to help anxious patients feel more comfortable and confident seeing the dentist, whether you’ve been missing out on your preventive care or putting off treatment you know you need.

We are also proud to provide emergency care, usually the same day that you call. Dental pain can really wreck your day, and we can help you by relieving your pain, diagnosing the problem, and providing prompt and effective treatment.

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